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Chocolate Chip Cookie, 12 pieces x 125 g

Sale price€54,00

Chocolate Chip Cookie, 12 x 125 g

Close your eyes and think about cookies. What kind of cookie did you picture? We'd guess your mind flashed with visions of dancing chocolate chip cookies- they are the world's most popular cookie after all. But did you picture OUR Chocolate Chip Cookie? Then close your eyes and dream again, you can thank us later.

When was the Chocolate Chip Cookie invented?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie, an American classic, was invented in the 1930s. The inventor's payment for the recipe included only a lifetime supply of chocolate. It has since become a beloved treat around the world, cherished for its simple yet perfect combination of flavors. Our version pays homage to this timeless recipe while adding our unique twist.

What is the secret behind this cookie?

The secret to our Chocolate Chip Cookie's irresistible flavor lies in its exquisite ingredients and careful preparation. We use brown butter and brown sugar to create a rich, caramel-like depth, perfectly balanced with the savory bitterness of dark Belgian chocolate. Pops of premium milk chocolate, a hint of golden chocolate, and a sprinkle of sea salt rounds out this unbeatable cookie. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie, 12 pieces x 125 g
Chocolate Chip Cookie, 12 pieces x 125 g Sale price€54,00