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Biscoff Cookie - Vegan (Copy)

Sale price€54,00

Biscoff Cookie - Vegan 

Biting into our vegan Biscoff Cookie is a multi-sensory experience. First, you use sight to eyeball this sexy, crumbly cookie. Then you move on to smell, taking in the warm, spiced aroma. The satisfying crunch then sends culinary music to your ears. Your taste buds are working overtime to handle the melty vegan white chocolate, caramelised Biscoff cookies, and cinnamon cookie dough. Finally, you use your sense of touch to cram the rest of the cookie into your mouth. 

Savor the flavor of~ crunchy Biscoff crumbles swirled with cinnamon, creamy white chocolate, and a cookie butter filling

Biscoff Cookie - Vegan (Copy)
Biscoff Cookie - Vegan (Copy) Sale price€54,00