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Lemon Crinkle Cookie, 12 pieces, 125 g


Lemon Crinkle Cookie, 12 x 125 g

You can't always be sweet, and that's where our Lemon Crinkle Cookie steps in. She's not a mean cookie, but she does pack an intense punch of serious lemon flavor. Pops of white chocolate, meringue, and a crunchy sugar shell give this cookie an A+. This cookie isn't for the faint of heart!

Why do lemons make your mouth pucker?

When you bite into a lemon, that pucker-inducing sensation is due to its high acidity, primarily from citric acid. Citric acid, along with other acids present in lemons, triggers taste receptors on your tongue, particularly those sensitive to sourness. Interestingly, the human body has evolved to react strongly to sour tastes as a protective mechanism against potentially harmful foods. But nothing to worry about here, besides eating more cookies than you planned.

What is the secret behind this cookie?

The secret to this Lemon Crinkle Cookie is the almost irresponsible amount of lemon zest we've packed into each of these citrus angels. Some bakers rely on cheap tricks when it comes to lemon cookies, but one taste of this cookie and you'll know it's the real deal.
Lemon Crinkle Cookie, 12 pieces, 125 g
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