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1st Collection, 12 Cookies


Introducing Our First Collection: The Royal Dozen

Dive into the regal world of Cookie Queeens with our inaugural collection, The Royal Dozen. The assortment features 12 meticulously crafted American cookies nestled in a premium custom box. Each cookie is a testament to the art of fine baking and our take on flavors that have made American cookies a beloved global treat. Say goodbye to resistance and hello to indulgence!

What's Inside:
1 Chocolate Chip Cookie: A decadent spin on the classic proving it's impossible to be sad while eating chocolate (it's science.) A soft and chewy classic with gooey pockets of dark, milk, and golden chocolate.
1 Red Velvet Cookie: A cookie so luxurious you'll feel like breaking out the gowns and black ties to eat it. A majestic blend of cocoa with a hint of vanilla, crowned with a rich cream cheese frosting.
1 Lemon Crinkle Cookie: Lemon stans, this one's for you! Zippy lemon zest paired with meringue and a crunchy shell, offering a refreshing citrus burst.
1 Birthday Cake Cookie: The colorful unicorn of the box. One bite and BAM, today is your birthday! White and golden chocolate tango with crunchy sprinkles in perfect harmony.
1 Peanut Butter Cup Cookie: We dare you to name a better duo than chocolate and peanut butter, we'll wait. Rich, creamy peanut butter cups encased in a soft cookie, ribboned with a chocolate swirl. A nutty treat fit for royalty.
1 Blueberry Muffin Cookie: A love letter to the humble breakfast treat. 3 types of tangy blueberries and crunchy streusel elevate this sweet treat from morning to all day, every day.
1 White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie: A sweet and toasty flavor bomb of creamy white chocolate and crunchy macadamia nuts. The unexpected pop of freshness will leave you hooked.
1 Chocolate Coconut Cookie: Take your tastebuds on that long overdue vacation! A coconut dream drizzled with three different kinds of chocolate, snuggled in a dark chocolate dipped cookie base.
1 Banana Cream Pie Cookie: Picture a cookie that's gone totally bananas. Gooey marshmallows, white chocolate, and real bananas..the holy cookie trinity.
1 Vegan Apple Crumble Cookie: If this cookie had arms it would hug you. Spiced dough studded with cinnamon apples and a dash of caramel offers maximum comforting delectability.
1 Vegan Biscoff Cookie: If you've ever wondered what heaven tastes like, here is your answer. Caramelised, Cinnamon-y, Crunchy goodness: the 3 most important C's in life (besides cookie, of course.)
1 Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Molten Lava Cookie: If you love chocolate, meet your new best friend. For the chocolate aficionado, a flavor eruption of rich chocolate with a heart of gooey ganache.

Why Our Royal Dozen? Each cookie in The Royal Dozen is baked with the finest, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a taste that's worthy of the Cookie Queeens crown. From the first bite to the last, these cookies promise a journey through layers of flavor and texture, making any moment a royal occasion.
Perfect for gifting, sharing, or indulging on your own, The Royal Dozen is more than just cookies—it's an experience. Unbox the splendor, savor the craftsmanship, and let your taste buds revel in royal delight. There's a cookie queen in all of us, unleash yours today!

1st Collection, 12 Cookies
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