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Red Velvet Cookie, 12 pieces x 125 g

Sale price€54,00

Red Velvet Cookie, 12 x 125 g

Eating a Red Velvet Cookie is extremely delicious. But it's not just about taste, nope. These cookies have style too. They're dressed to impress with their vibrant red color that demands attention like someone important on a red carpet. We know there isn't a dress code for eating cookies, we know this..but this cookie almost calls for one. It's as close to a black tie event for cookies that you can get.

What is the flavor of Red Velvet?

The red velvet flavor is a mysterious one due to its unusual color but it's basically a blend of subtle chocolate notes with a hint of vanilla and buttermilk tang. All of the flavors are mild and in careful balance in order to not overpower each other. The cream cheese frosting adds sweetness and decadence to the already rich as royalty cookie.

What is the secret behind this cookie?

The Red Velvet Cookie's secret is the irresistible tangy flavor that most cookies don't have. Vinegar and buttermilk in a meticulous and very calculated ratio give this ruby cookie a taste incomparable to its cookie friends. The rich cream cheese frosting also balances the tang perfectly.

Red Velvet Cookie, 12 pieces x 125 g
Red Velvet Cookie, 12 pieces x 125 g Sale price€54,00